Quiptics v.3.7


Real cryptograms on your Windows computer. All the challenge and enjoyment of solvingcryptograms exactly like the ones found in newspapers ormagazines. Make your own cryptograms instantly. Just type in a favorite quotation andclick a button. Quiptics encodes the text automatically. You can print out Quipticscryptograms to give to others to solve. Quiptics adds a few new wrinkles to thisenormously entertaining and popular word game. To begin with, Quiptics puzzles havetwo difficulty levels. Normal mode presents encrypted text in the traditional format--alphabetic letter substitution at random. Expert mode adds the actual inter-word spacesinto the encryption mix. In Expert Mode, a space may not actually be a space. EachQuiptics puzzle, therefore, incorporates two distinctly separate cryptograms--a Normalpuzzle and an Expert puzzle. Each puzzle can be solved on its own. Quiptics puzzles alsocome with optional "hints." Each puzzle can have from zero to ten hints. Hints are verybroad- ranging in topic, but usually offer a bit of help to get you started decrypting aparticularly ornery puzzle. Finally, because Quiptics are meant to be solved on thecomputer, they can be quite a bit longer.

Real cryptograms on your Windows computer. All ...

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  • Quiptics
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