Playtonium Jigsaw - American Space Vehicles v.1


Playtonium Jigsaw - American Space Vehicles 1 has come with the ability to blast off with the vehicles which have carried the hopes, dreams, men and women of America into space since the 1950s. This Jigsaw Puzzle Pack is a collection of 60 astounding photographs (200+ puzzles!) showing some of the greatest high-tech hardware from the U.S. space program. And going beyond the hardware, you'll be thrilled by beautiful starry backgrounds and images of Old Glory on the Moon.Every photograph is accompanied by information about the space missions accomplished. A whole generation has grown up since the last American walked the Moon -- maybe it's time to brush up on U.S. history! This Puzzle Pack contains the Playtonium Jigsaw Puzzle Software, 60 stunning photographs and more than 200 different jigsaw puzzles.The American Space Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzle Collection contains exciting and informative historical facts with each of its sixty spectacular photographs. A whole generation has grown up since the last American walked the Moon -- maybe it's time to recall these extraordinary events in U.S. history while you enjoy the challenges of these lovely jigsaw puzzles. Great fun and beautiful puzzle content for young and old! Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP300 Mhz Processor32 Mb RAM

Playtonium Jigsaw - American Space Vehicles 1 ...

  • Playtonium Jigsaw - American Space Vehicles
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  • Adveractive, Inc.
  • Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2
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  • 7.2 Mb
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  • $19.95

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