Japan Riddles v.1.54


Japan Riddles is a logical puzzle game. It is a computer variant of popularpuzzles known as Nonograms, Griddlers, Paint by Numbers or Japan CrosswordPuzzles.While playing you need to paint squares on grid with color. There are numberson the top and on the left of grid, denoting how many squares of same colorshould be in a row or a column. Several numbers mean that there are severalgroups of squares in this row or column. There must be "a gap" of at least oneempty square between these groups.We present you both two-color puzzles and colored ones with up to 28 colors on70x70 field! Japan Riddles allows to save unfinished game and load them laterto play up to the end.

Japan Riddles is a logical puzzle game. It is ...

puzzles, game, logic, puzzle, griddlers, japan crossword, nonograms

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