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The EditListView is built on the Microsoft ListView Common Control. Written with ATL/C++, it extends the Windows ListView capabilities to allow column editing, to control font styles and color, and background color on a per row, column or cell basis and more. Columns have "types", such as Text, Date, Time, Spin, Boolean, Numeric, and Hyperlink so when editing, the appropriate Windows Common Control will be used. For example, if the column type is Date the DateTime Picker control will be created in the cell being edited. Or a Boolean column will be represented as a Checkbox, just as shown in the screenshot above. With the new Hyperlink column type, you have a column of email addresses or website URLs, and when clicked they will open a new email or the webrowser to the link (please download the demo to try it out).Main Features: * Complete control over colors, both text and background for Row, Column and Cell * Complete control over font style for Row, Column and Cell * Editable, using the column type for the control type to use * Entire ListView can be either editable or not * Lock rows and columns so that some may be editable and others not * Customize to look somewhat like a grid, but with the benefits of being a ListView * Display of icons in sub-columns * Additional column styles for finer control over display and editing * Specify bold font for the column headers * Automatic sorting based on column type (not just text sorting) * Easy to use object model * Superior presentation to that of the .NET ListView * Full control over underlying ListView styles * Full set of ListView event notifications * No dependent DLLs (eg. MFC) * Speed, flexibility and performance * Use with .NET or any tool that supports ActiveX components * Much lighter weight than a fat grid component - and much less expensive!Because columns can have types, the column values can be assigned directly from native OLE types. For example, a Column of type Date can be assigned directly from a Date object.The EditListView is only meant to be used for Report view. Other ListView views are not supported. Use the EditListView in situations where a full grid control is too much but the plain ListView isn't enough.Need a Customization for your application? Just contact us and let us know what you want. We may be able to make a special version just for you.

The EditListView is built on the Microsoft ...

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  • EditListView Enhanced ListView
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  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
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