DataMate Connect Database Explorer v.1.0


With DataMate Connect, we have set out to provide the best data exploration, manipulation and automation tool available. We have found that the database tools out there are good database managers - but for their database type only. They do not connect to other database types. So copying data between databases is a very difficult proposition, which usually involves a CSV export and import. Furthermore, they have no automation features and the import/export facilities are often difficult to use at best.DataMate is not meant to be a database manager. For database management, you are best off using the database manager tool which is specifically for that database. DataMate is focused on data exploration, manipulation and automation. But DataMate has other features as well, shown in this list. * Multiple database connections at once. * Easy Drag/Drop table copy - to the same database or to any other. For example, copy a table from a SQLite database to a SQL Server database with a simple drag/drop. * Easy CSV data import and export facilities (using wizards). * Superior Data grouping DataGrid component - easily group on any column, and any number of columns. * Support for all major "enterprise" databases, e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL. * Support for the "file-based" databases - SQLite and SQL Sever Compact Edition (CE). * .NET object scripting - create scripts to do repetitive tasks. * Connect to any OLEDB/ODBC remote database via webserver (either PHP or ASP). * Extensible. Create your own .NET User Controls to be added into DataMate. For example, a component to graph data from SQL queries in DataMate. Write any number of .NET components to be loaded into DataMate by your users.CSV File featuresMany people today still work with CSV and TAB-delimited files daily. DataMate can easily import and export these files formats directly to/from database files. All file formats are supported: * UTF-8 * UTF-16 * Windows CodePageWhat this means for you is that you can suck a CSV file into any database using the Import facility and immediately begin working with it using SQL. Or you can very easily export any data to a CSV/delimited file using the Export facility.Scripting DataMateAutomated scripts are the ideal tool for repetitive tasks. With DataMate, you'll be able to script the exposed .NET object model to accomplish anything you might need to do. You can use anything from the entire .NET object model - a very powerful scripting language!Here is a screenshot showing DataMate with two different Northwind databases open. One is a SQL Server Compact database (Northwind.sdf), the other a SQLite database (Northwind.db3). The SQL window Grid is shown grouped by the Country column. You can group on any number of columns by just dragging and dropping the column header to the column grouping area at top.

With DataMate Connect, we have set out to ...

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  • DataMate Connect Database Explorer
  • 1.0
  • EzTools Software
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Freeware
  • 3.44 Mb
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