Ambrosia Cythera v.1.0.4


Ambrosia Cythera 1.0.4 is a popular and enjoyable game which will inspire you with endless creative possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise!The stone floor is cold, and its chill on your cheek slowly wakes you from your sleep. Before you stand two men: an older, distinguished gentleman in robes, and a hunchback, clothed in jester's garb."Ah, good. You are about," says the older man, looking quite exhausted. "We were worried that you were harmed." He introduces himself as Alaric, the LandKing. His kingdom of Cythera is in grave danger, and Alaric himself is unable to maintain his magical bond with the land. Only a gifted outsider, summoned from Earth, can save the ancient island from certain doom.Cythera casts you as the legendary saviour of a violently divided nation. Sensing the impending downfall of the King, the ruling houses of Cythera struggle for political power in the ancient land. Some will stop at nothing to seize control.While the houses labor to increase their own power, the neutral mages struggle for a higher consciousness and the betterment of humanity. They envision a world free from treachery and deceit. These students of the magick arts anxiously await the return of Alaric's mystical powers, as well as the end of the land's deadly slide toward chaos. But even they are unaware of the underlying tragedy which prepares to strike the land.Your arrival in Cythera begins an immersive adventure that is sure to cause incidents of philosophical self-questioning and adrenaline-pumping suspense. Intriguing puzzles offer clues about the island's mythical history, and ultimately the origins of the people of Cythera.

Ambrosia Cythera 1.0.4 is a popular and ...

  • Ambrosia Cythera
  • 1.0.4
  • Ambrosia Software
  • Mac OS Classic
  • Commercial
  • 6.6 Mb
  • 682
  • $25.00

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