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WebCam Cyclops Play brings you an educational game which is your right choice for your free time. 'WebCam Cyclops Play' is a package of 5 games, which thanks to USB camera and special algorithms will transfer you into the screen. All of this will let e.g. bounce a ball which is only on the screen with your hand.The playground is a package of 5 games, which will make home entertainment more joyful than ever. Let your family be a part of XXI century. Soccer World Cup If you think that the latest FIFA gives you a maximum emotion, which you can experience sitting in front of the screen, it means that you do not know the FOOTBALL yet.You can finally feel as a real football player. Check it out how difficult is to score a goal. The fight game take place between two players. Who scores the most points in a specific time, then wins. Beach Volleyball If you miss the sea, beach and volleyball then you probably look on the description of your favorite game.Among palms and hum of sea's waves you can play the most fascinating games. Good weather even in the middle of winter guaranteed. The game takes place between two players. Who first scores 11 points, then wins. Slums Basketball Beautiful scenery of New York's slums at the amazing sunset.The game captivates at the first activating and it stays like that. The game takes place between two players. Who scores the most points then wins. Wasps killer Probably the most tiring game. You can set the way you want to fight with unbearable wasps - it can be a boxing, judo or kick-boxing. However, keep a safety distance from the screen.The goal of the game is to save the very busy bees, which by the sweat of their brow collect the nectar, to make honey. Flight over Amazon River. In this game you steer old, yellow airplane. You can steer it by watching yourself in a window with arrows at the bottom of the screen.To make a turn in a specific direction you have to wave your hand on the arrow area pointing the desirable flight direction. The player's goal is to gain the best score (the most points). While flying you have to avoid the innocent birds and collect the awards. Apart from the awards, you will get points for any avoided bird.

WebCam Cyclops Play brings you an ...

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  • WebCam Cyclops Play
  • Brontes Processing
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP
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