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Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for several board games, at present Go, Amazons and Reversi (a.k.a. Othello.) It allows users to play against computer players (third-party programs, e.g. GNU Go or GRhino) or other humans, view and edit game records. Future versions will also support Internet game servers and provide certain features for developers of board game-playing engines for enhancing their programs.Features shown here are for the first stable versions of Quarry. There are certainly many more planned. * Support for Go, Amazons and Reversi games. * Nice resizable board (see screen shots.) * Playing games: o GNU Go, GRhino or any other GTP engine can be your opponent. o Computer vs. computer and human vs. human games are an option too. o Good support for time control. o Games can be adjourned and later resumed. * Game records: o Game record editor is simple, but supports all standard editing commands and has an undo history. o All games can be stored in widely supported SGF FF[4] file format. o Fast and robust parser can read SGF files of any version. o In particular, Kogo???‚a„?s Joseki Dictionary can be browsed with Quarry. o Game tree view allows for easy navigation of game records. o Text search in comments is a powerful tool if you know what to search for. o Go board position can be exported in a format suitable for inserting into Sensei???‚a„?s Library. o Support for various SGF labels and markup.

Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for several ... Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for several board games,.

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