Laxius Force II ~ The Queen of Adretana v.1.5


Exactly one year after the release of the first part, one of the most successful indie RPG series sees its long-awaited new installment. Like its predecessor, but going even further in the genre, Laxius Force II is an epic, thrilling and highly addictive RPG true to the standards defined by pinnacles of the genre such as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. In this new adventure, players can expect dozens of hours of gameplay, more than 20 characters, countless monsters, items and quests, as they follow the road of Half-Goddess Luciana and her many friends. More will be revealed about the Grand Commendanter and his Order servants. Fans of the original game will be pleased to know that they can export their savefile from Laxius Force I to Laxius Force II, keeping their characters, equipment and so on. An amazing tale of love, passion, tragedy and fantasy is finally at hand. Fans of the genre can rejoice! Laxius Force II is the epitome of old school RPGs. - Up to 80 hours of playtime! - More than 20 characters to discover! - Countless quests to solve! - The direct sequel to the hit Laxius Force! - Export your savefiles! A shadow organization simply known as The Order has arisen in the kingdom of Arvendel. When the Order challenges the king of Arvendel himself, the king sends out a desperate plea for help. To his aid comes a band of friends lead by a young man named Random, and his best friend Sarah. Laxius Force 2 follows the story of Random and Sarah as they attempt to stop The Order from conducting heinous acts and expanding its control in Arvendel and beyond. Although the odds are stacked against Random and Sarah, they have a secret weapon, and her name is Luciana. Laxius Force 2 is very long and engaging. It has over 60 hours of playtime and more than 20 characters to discover. It also includes a neat feature that lets you import your save files from Laxius Force 1 so that you continue with your old equipment and items. How neat is this? Go forth and play!

Exactly one year after the release of the ...

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  • Laxius Force II ~ The Queen of Adretana
  • 1.5
  • Aldorlea Games
  • WinXP, Windows Vista
  • Commercial
  • 63.38 Mb
  • 257
  • $24.99

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