3D Rad v.6.38


3D Rad 6.38 is designed as a useful tool which can help you easily develop your own pc games, the middleware, game developing system with the shortest learning curve! Create interactive 3D worlds and games by visually placing objects in virtual space with this user-friendly 3d editor with a straightforward developing workflow and ready-to-use physics simulation.You can use it to create any sort of stand-alone, interactive 3d project for Windows Vista/XP. Ideal for CG artists and non-coders, but flexible enough to meet the needs of expert developers as well.Major Features:Available both as a standard Windows .DLL (powerful, flexible) and as an .EXE file (intuitive mod-coding style).Almost all programming languages supported (DLL version only).Powerful and crystal clear set of API functions for maximum productivity.Flexibility! Use high level functions that do the hard work behind the scenes, or use low level functions to manage the engine down to vertex buffer manipulation, mesh-specific rendering mode, etc.Integrated rendering, physics and network engines.No need of engine-specific world editor, just use your favorite 3d modeler!Enhancements:Version 6.38 now includes the compiler.

3D Rad 6.38 is designed as a useful tool which ...

  • 3D Rad
  • 6.38
  • 3impact
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Freeware
  • 37.7 Mb
  • 185
  • Free

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