Scavenger Hunt Clues Riddle Me v.1.99


Scavenger hunt clue software for kids. Riddle Me scavenger hunts instantly generate a printable riddle hunt game with clues. With almost 5,000 age-specific riddles on over 400 objects found in and around your home, you get instant fun and huge replay value. Perfect for Easter Egg hunts, birthday parties, Halloween scavenger hunts, pirate treasure hunts, rainy days, and more. 60-day money back guarantee. (Windows/Mac Compatible)

Scavenger hunt clue software for kids. Riddle ...

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  • Scavenger Hunt Clues Riddle Me
  • 1.99
  • Living Tree Software, LLC
  • Win98, WinXP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Mac OS
  • Demo
  • 8.76 Mb
  • 1575
  • $19.95

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