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CodeInvaders Challenge project is a Java-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform. CodeInvaders Challenge is a Java™,-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform. It uses the Eclipse platform and a simple API that allows users unfamiliar with Java to easily compete while they learn the language. CodeInvaders Challenge gives users the opportunity to pit their Java programming skills against other players in a battle of space conquest. Each player writes a Java class that represents and controls a spaceship. Each ship (class) is placed in a simulated battle along with ships from other players. The game puts up to six spaceships together in a match and places each of them in a random location with the same amount of energy. The spaceship class allows each player to control his ships thrusters and weapons. The ship can move around to collect energy, attack opponents, and bring energy back to its home planet. Points are awarded for different actions, and the player with the most points wins. When used in a tournament, CodeInvaders Challenge allows direct, real-time competition between teams. Each player can submit his intermediate solutions and test against the submitted ships from other players. This competition allows each player to learn from the strategies of other players and modify his ship appropriately. After the final submission from each player, the final winner can be found by running a tournament consisting of several rounds and eliminations.

CodeInvaders Challenge project is a ...

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