Ophelia's Bingo World v.2.14.1


A one of a kind bingo game that you can play on a personal computer either by yourself or with others via a local area network. What makes our bingo game stand out from all of the others is our extensive set of features and configurations that combined can give you over 100 different ways to play bingo!! One of the things that makes this software unique is the statistical race to be the best between you and 63 other computer opponents. You can configure each style of play so that you only have to face a few of the 63 computer players at a time. The computer players you don't directly compete against, compete against one another. When all is said and done the person with the best statistics is ranked #1. There are several different styles of play. Classic - Nothing Special Here. Just plain old bingo at its best. (default 3 computer players) Bingo Boxing - The first person to win 4 classic bingo games wins this event. (default 3 computer players) Speed - The first person to complete 4 (default) separate bingo patterns wins this event. (default 3 computer players) Racing - Who ever comes in first gets the most points during the round. After 8 (default) rounds, who ever has the most points wins this game. (default 7 computer players) Elimination - Each round a certain number of players are eliminated from play. If you are the last one standing you win. Kind of like musical chairs, just with bingo. Tournament - Need we say more? Classic Bingo presented in a style of a sweet 16 (default) tournament. There is also a double elimination mode. The demo version allows you to sample classic bingo along with one other random style of bingo for 30 days. There is more to this game than meets the eye... play it all for just $24.95... order now!!

A one of a kind bingo game that you can play ... A Bingo game that you can play alone on your PC or with others via a LAN.

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  • Ophelia's Bingo World
  • 2.14.1
  • WinXP, WinNT 4.x, WinME, Win98
  • Shareware
  • 8.71 Mb
  • 352

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