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Operating online since 2004, Full Tilt Poker is the second-largest poker site in the US rivaling PokerStars and PartyPoker as the third-largest worldwide. The site's sponsored pros, Team Full Tilt, represent some of the most legendary and universally feared names in the industry including, Phil Ivey, Tom durrrr Dwan, Mike The Mouth Matusow, Howard The Professor Lederer and a host of other poker giants. Between their sponsored pros and the numerous site members winning WSOP tickets in various tournaments throughout the year, Full Tilt Poker maintains a strong presence in the WSOP tournaments and account for a combined 34 WSOP bracelets.The Full Tilt online poker software is both simple to download and simple to use. Designed by poker pros, the software is smooth and robust and the user interface is catered to the needs of both the professional and beginning player. Full Tilt offers the new user a rich assortment of online instruction, an interactive tour as well as both written and video tutorials, granting the new user almost immediate command of the interface allowing them to begin play within minutes of downloading the software.Another plus to playing online with Full Tilt is that their sponsored pros are required to play on their web site a minimum number of hours per day and are easy to find as their screen names and the tables they sit at are delineated in red in the lobby. So if you're looking to deliver a smack down to a pro, Full Tilt is the place to be.With well over 100,000 players playing poker online at peak-hours, Full Tilt has action for everyone from the frat boy looking to hone his skills for the house game to the hedge fund manager with free time and mountains of money to burn. For the player who is looking for a little spice in their life, Full Tilt Poker offers a plethora of exotic poker derivations in addition to the games listed above.

Operating online since 2004, Full Tilt Poker ...

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