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About William Hill BingoWilliam Hill is a Public Company that has been around in the UK since the 30's. There isn't a High Street in the UK that doesn't have a William Hill on it, much the same with Starbucks in the States (...and the UK for that matter). All in all, it means that William Hill has a presence and a resonance in the UK mindset, even if you have only been in there to make a bet on the Grand National, William Hill 'the brand' already comes equipped with a sense of British tradition and confidence.William Hill are a no-nonsense company and boast all the expertise you'd expect from a well-known brand with an unrivalled history in it's industry. The Bingo arm is relatively recent but has a discerning feel about it. The home page is simple in design and gives off a more salubrious, serious air that invites more male players to the table as well as female. The benefit of this (as a female player) is that the chat rooms are much more inclusive and therefore the vibe is utterly different, more inviting and certainly adds a more interesting flavour. It's certainly very refreshing, both in terms of the branding and the sense of security and confidence that William Hill instills.Also, with it being so very easy to navigate your way around the site, there are no flashy obstacles or gratuitous graphics, its plain sailing all the way to getting yourself a game. Indeed, that too is motivating. There is no unnecessary song and dance on the William Hill site.The GamesWilliam Hill Bingo gives you the opportunity to choose how you want to play the game and how you would prefer it to look; e.g. with or without auto-dab, you can alter your dabber style and colour and change the audio & graphic settings to suit yourself, as well as create your online bingo profile.You can also play with the size of your bingo cards by zooming in on them.At William Hill, expect your 75 ball game to come with a difference. At William Hill, you have three chances to win because th

About William Hill BingoWilliam Hill is a ...

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