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This game is a Freecell solitaire card game clone with a mathematical twist. You are required to put a set of randomly placed 50 cards in 5 colours, and numbers 0 to 9 each colour, back in order.Fifty cards are dealt in 10 stacks (called Playing Stacks), 5 cards each stack. Additionally there are five Empty Locations, can only have one card each. Five Solution Stacks will hold the resulting ordered cards, value 0 to 9 for each of the five colours.You will move cards around by using the 5 Empty Locations and stack them back in order in the Solution Stack. Following rules will apply: 1. Any card may be moved from a Playing Stack to an Empty Location. Each Location will hold one card only. 2. Any Card can be moved from and to the top a Playing Stack provided the moved card is of same colour and of value one less than the value of the destination card 3. A card can be moved from an Empty Location or from the top of a Playing Stack to the Solution Stack provided that the moved card is of same colour and of value one more than the value of the destination card 4. The game finishes when all 50 cards have been moved to the Solution Stack in 5 piles of five colours Almost all games are solvable, a typical game will be harder than Freecell. Following are the main features of this program: 1. Specify colours and number font of your choice 2. Three card types 3. Put pictures as card background 4. Card move animation 5. Valid cards will move automatically to the Solution Stack 6. Save and load saved games 7. Unlimited undo 8. Print cards to play this game without a computer 9. Screen display colour schemes

This game is a Freecell solitaire card game ...

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  • FreeNumCell
  • 1.0
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