Shotgun Vendetta v.1.0


Shotgun Vendetta 1.0 is an ideal and reliable choice for game players because of its new and attractive features. All alone in a dark corridor. Just you and your shotgun. You will need it. You are being attacked by cyborgs. Aim with outmost precision and shoot them before they get to you.Do not forget to reload because every lost second can be your last. Shotgun Vendetta is a great free shooting game. Now reload your gun and show those alien thin-cans. Free shooting games is what you wanted to play and that is exactly what you get with Shotgun Vendetta.Major Features:You are trapped in a long dark corridor. You have only your trusted shotguns for protection and believe me, protection is what you need playing this great free shooting game. You are under attack by some strange cyborgs. You have to aim and shoot with precision to take them down one by one. Do not forget to reload your gun or else the cyborgs will suck your life energy before you manage to say bummer. Free shooting games are giving away this exciting sci-fi game.WareSeeker Editor

Shotgun Vendetta 1.0 is an ideal and reliable ...

free shooting games

  • Shotgun Vendetta
  • 1.0
  • Alan Jordan
  • Any Platform
  • Freeware
  • 1.53 Mb
  • 232
  • Free

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