PacDude Hero v.2.00


PacDude Hero is a free game of PacMan with amazing graphics, sound, and music!Do you have the skills to beat level 5 and save your girlfriend?Features: * Runs on any Windows OS based PC desktop / notebook / netbook * Beautiful full color and high resolution super fast visual graphics * Awesome digital sound effects * Amazing digital soundtrack featuring over 15 minutes of music * Easy to play keyboard controls * Large 4-way scrolling boards * Up to 8 enemy ghosts featuring SneakyGhost A.I. technology * 5 total levels with increasing difficulty and different board layouts * Cut scenes with an ending upon beating level 5 * Saved options and high scores table * And much more!

PacDude Hero is a free game of PacMan with ...

level, digital, sound, graphics, technology, levels, large, scrolling, saved, options, table

  • Freeware
  • 6.04 Mb
  • 232
  • Free

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