Mastersoft SuDoku v.2.04


Mastersoft SuDoku 2.04 is interesting game in which you only need to enter the digits 1 to 9 in the grid without repeating in rows, columns, or boxes.Grid transformations, new picture SuDoku and a rating system to name but a few features of the game. Other top features include solving, 6 different levels of difficulty and over one million built in SuDokus. Over 100 SuDoku addicts were involved in SuDoku's design so you can be sure it plays the way you do. Book a week off work now and give the trial a try.Major Features:New V2 with countless new features and full VGA/Square compatibility.The No1 Best Selling Pocket PC Title Overall !*Over One Million Built In Genuine SuDoku Puzzles !. If you need more let us know !Many Unique Mastersoft Features including Picture Sudoku and Grid Transform.SuDoku Solver - Solve any SuDoku puzzle in less than 3 seconds !Create, Solve and Analyze SuDokus.Work your way up from Beginner to SuDoku Master !Enter a SuDoku from a newspaper then either solve or play (using inbuilt hints if required). Mastersoft SuDoku tells you where you're going wrong even if it isn't an inbuilt SuDoku !A Quality Title Endorsed by the HP iPAQ Choice Promotion.Nominated for an award in 2005 Pocket PC Magazine AwardsAnother Original Mastersoft Title.Cool scoring system. Can you become a SuDoku Master ? Using hints will of course reduce your score and you'll need a certain number of points to reach the higher levels and unlock Picture SuDoku !New (V2) Tap n Hold One Click CandidatesNew (V2) Suggest a TechniqueNew (V2) SkinnableNew (V2) Find Triplets, Quads, X-Wings, Swordfish and Jellyfish !VGA, QVGA and Square QVGA compatible.Unique number entry system.Enter your working out.Choose from a full pallette to color code your entries.Various types of hint."SuDoku Master" levels that are more difficult than the hardest SuDokus found in newspapers.Unique gameplay with increasing difficulty.Designed with the help of over 200 SuDoku Players. You think it we'll make it !Built in timer.Lots of options such as turning sound off, hiding timer and score etc to aid concentration.Enhancements: Unspecified updatesBug fixes.

Mastersoft SuDoku 2.04 is interesting game in ...

  • Mastersoft SuDoku
  • 2.04
  • mastersoftmobilesolutions
  • Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile, Windows
  • Trial
  • 7.2 Mb
  • 168
  • $9.95

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