Mastersoft Chess v.1


Mastersoft Chess 1 comes as an attractive Mobile chess game which makes it easy to play but difficult to beat, Mastersoft Chess is pick up and play chess at its best. Various levels, boards, and chess sets combine with a chess engine to offer you an ever-increasing challenge. Whether you're just starting out or else a seasoned pro, Mastersoft Chess has something for you.Major Features:Hint facility.Built in coach to monitor your progressTraining levels that dumb down your PocketPCTake back a move if you change your mind !Your Pocket PC checks that your moves are allowedOpening Book of over 23000 moves !Full Chess rules including enpassant, castling etc.Thought analysis (main line, depth and score)Setup position (including castling rights, enpassant and side to move)Move forward / backward to any point in the current gameStunning hi resolution 3D chess sets inspired by the designs of Brian WhitbyBoards constructed from the real thing - Oak, Ash, Marble, Slate and 5 more !Save and load gamesLow memory overhead during play (3MB max including install)Sampled sound effectsAdjustable piece movement animationAutosaving of your current gameCan be installed to a memory cardRequirements:Pocket PC/Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003

Mastersoft Chess 1 comes as an attractive ...

  • Mastersoft Chess
  • 1
  • mastersoftmobilesolutions
  • Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2000, Pocket P
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  • 277 Kb
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  • $14.95

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