King of the Hill v.0.8.0


King of the Hill project is a full client/server multiplayer artillery game in the scorched earth tradition. King of the Hill (KOTH) is an artillery game in the grand old tradition of little tanks with ridiculously powerful weapons trying to blow each other up while trying to avoid getting blown up themselves. Koth features LibGGI for fast portable graphics, full client/server multiplayer, a few cool weapons, in-game chat, and nice terrain generation algorithm. Open source in the hopes that others will help out and make this a really great game. Main features: - Supports up to ten players at once, with unlimited observers (ten only because beyond that the game would get unwieldy, not an architectural limitation) - Players can join and leave at any time without disrupting the game - Pregame and In-game color-coded chat - Buy and sell various types of neat weapons to use against your enemies - Fractal-tessalation terrain generating algorithm produces endless variations of interesting terrain (before you start blowing massing craters into it that is - Falling dirt and falling damage to tanks - Lightweight, asynchronous networking protocol - perfectly playable on a modem over the Internet even with high pingtime - LibGGI for portable graphics. Currently supports 8/15/16/24/32 bits per pixel in any resolution - Free software so anyone can and is encouraged to add in their own favorite weapons, equipment, and other features. Enhancements: - kick (through server console) - new weapons: black hole, laser, dirt curtain, dirt vaporizer and depth charge - infinite number of observers - new status area in battle window (nickname/armor/shield) - readiness indication in pregame - new "who already fired" ingame bar - bugfixes and other misc changes (weapons price, power, behavior etc) - weapons name in death messages - New explosions - Koth is now playable on fast computers (sleep in animations)

King of the Hill project is a full ...

  • King of the Hill
  • 0.8.0
  • Allan Douglas
  • Any Platform
  • GPL
  • 133 Kb
  • 479

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