Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand v.1.0.3


Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3 is an iteresting game in which Ferazel's Wand puts you inside the cloak of Ferazel, the last of the free habnabits. Jump, cast spells, and travel to the reaches of Teraknorn, enhancing your skill and learning new spells along the way. Xichra is waiting for Ferazel in her lair - only with strength, wisdom, and experience can she be vanquished.

Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3 is an iteresting ...

  • Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand
  • 1.0.3
  • Ambrosia Software
  • Mac OS Classic
  • Commercial
  • 7.9 Mb
  • 373
  • $20.00

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