2 Player Games Pack v.1.0


2 Player Games Pack 1.0 is an arcade game which can let you play popular games on a single Palm device, or on two devices via Bluetooth or infrared connection.It includes four popular Palm games: Checkers, Reversi, SeaWar, and Hangman. Checkers and Reversi are probably the most popular ones. Hangman is a well-know word game, challenges you to guess a hidden word.In two-player mode, players provide each other with words to be opened letter-by-letter, in a limited number of attempts. And there is no other game that can match SeaWar in worldwide popularity. Play using one handheld (game screens switched automatically), or enjoy wireless games, connecting to other Bluetooth-enabled handhelds with SeaWar installed

2 Player Games Pack 1.0 is an arcade game ...

  • 2 Player Games Pack
  • 1.0
  • Intorine
  • Palm OS 3.x, Palm OS 4.x, Palm OS 5.x
  • Trial
  • 524 Kb
  • 908
  • $19.95

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