Triangle Wizard v.10.02

Triangle Wizard is a free hack 'n slash game featuring retro graphics and a wealth of content. You are a wizard (of a selectable profession, e.g. Necromancer, Shadow Adept, Sunmage, etc.) and need to travel through 100+ dungeon levels and many different environments in order to defeat your nemesis; the Nameless One. During this journey you may learn many spells with which to charm, destroy or confuse your enemies. Most dungeon levels are randomly generated and populated with some of the more than 500 different types of monsters, some of which may even cast spells or summon other monsters. Of course there are also special dungeon levels where the player will encounter some tough resistance in the form of a 'boss monster'. Featuring an interactive environment, magical traps, champion and unique monsters as well as over ninety different magical spells (e.g. Charm, Animate Dead, Solar Flare, etc.). The player may also enlist the aid of friendly creatures or summon his own. But watch out because the game is very difficult and if you die it is permanent (although players may opt to switch this option off). Deceased adventurers may well come back from the grave to haunt future characters as they in turn try to survive the perilous journey down. Triangle Wizard has unique graphics with all creatures being represented by ASCII characters, but with spells being displayed in full glory; the game looks a like a realtime version of NetHack. In addition sounds and music have been omitted for the purpose of enhancing the retro feeling the game has. On top of that Triangle Wizard is easily modable, with almost all vital statistics being read from simple text data files. Users can with minimum effort add their own monsters, levels and traps. An extensive manual is available for those who wish to try their hand at this. In short for those who liked Diablo and NetHack and who prefer a challenge, this might just be the game for you!

Triangle Wizard is a free hack 'n slash game ...

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  • Triangle Wizard
  • 10.02
  • 12 May 12
  • Wouter van den Wollenberg
  • Win98, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista
  • Freeware
  • 5.78 Mb
  • 286
  • Free

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