The Warlords Cumulative Patch v.1019 to 1031

The Qing Dynasty (Mid-19th Century) was during an Era of great upheaval, one of the darkest periods of Chinese History. Not only was China suffering from many natural disasters such as droughts and floods, it was also under siege by Rebels.The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom opposed the Qing Dynasty and caused many battles to ensure. With civilians in the midst, the Qing Dynasty ordered that the usurpers be eliminated before anymore casualties could take place. This bravery in the face of evil sought to engage all the peoples of the Qing Dynasty and encourage them to overthrow the Rebels, and so the resistance was formed. The most important groups of this resistance are the Soldiers of the Imperial Army and their old foes, the Highland Bandits.This is where The Warlords takes over, the idea, to retell the tale of this dark time and relive the valour and justice of the bygone Era! Be one with your entourage of Guards and your Brotherhood, band up with a Battalion and make friends and enemies alike, fight for territory amongst each other in a Pact. And ultimately, eliminate those who seek to disrupt the peace of the land, the Rebel Scum, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom!Leave Lotus Port today as either a Soldier or Bandit and start your own adventure in The Warlords!After choosing your faction, you should choose a class you will play as. A close-combat Footman with various weapons able to crush your opponents, or, a long ranged Marksmen with abilities that can rain arrows down upon your foes!The Footman can brawl many Enemies at a time and deal heavy damage with their weapons, each with its own skill tree, you can choose from up to 13 Weapons to use! These include Swords, Vouges, Axes, Cudgels, Hammers and even Sickles!On the other hand, the Marksman prefers to attack from a distance and inflict critical blows to many enemies at a time. Their weapon of choice is the Bow and Arrow, powerful when used effectively and when combined with SkillsdldAdlTs Well, they can be a very lethal weapon; death awaits the enemy on the receiving end.In The Warlords, you will never be alone, as soon as you start, you will have a trusty companion along side you throughout your whole journey and a very trust worthy friend. Your Guards will remain loyal to you until the bitter end, or, if you fight well enough, your glorious victory!The Entourage System allows you to call out up to two Guards at a time and have up to four others (for a total of six) in your quick reserves. If you find that you need to hold more, then you can use your reserve camp to hold them (for a total of another 20 Guards). The Warlords currently has over 20 Unique Guards for you to choose from, of course, some are rarer then others and require you to capture them from strong enemies!Capturing Guards is as simple as killing a Rebel that has a glowing light below them with your Fury Skills. You can hold up to 5 Guards in your Capture Bag, when you choose to accept them they will automatically appear in your reserve camp!In the actual combat, your Guards will help you kill your enemies and Rebels, theydldAdldcll even take up to 70% of the damage you would normally receive! Furthermore, your characters Kung Fu is heavily increased by your Guards, for every level of Valour you obtain on your top two Guards you will earn one extra Kung Fu.Ancient China is full of amazing culture, one part if this Culture is being a part of a Brother/Sisterhood. This is a key feature of The Warlords; three players can be sworn together and become one unit. The benefits of this include the ability to rescue each other in dire situations, to share each others Kung Fu and to see your sworn brother/sisters enemy list, so that you can avenge them even easier!To become sword to each other involves a ritual which requires each of the members to kill a player with a ceremonial dagger and stain a piece of cloth, when the three players combine these cloths they may finally become sworn together!In the Warlords, all commoners can attain a rank of great importance by donating Silver to the Imperial Government to support the War against the Rebels. Each attainable title comes with bonus Kung Fu and special effect that will distinguish you from the rest of the players. The more you donate the higher your title can become, and the better the benefits!As the upheaval spreads and injustices are caused, the Imperial Army has called for all resistance fighters to eliminate the various troubles caused by the Rebels. It matters not which faction you are, as these Rebels need to be crushed as quickly as possible. Extra rewards are given to those that hold records!Campaigns are held regularly and ensure that a certain amount of players within allocated level gaps are allowed to join and then follow the set-up of the mission to complete the goal. The campaigns include, killing a Rebel Leader, defending a village, rescuing villagers and cleansing an area of Rebels!After you join a Campaign, the timer until you the ship leaves will appear near the left of the screen, watch it carefully and make sure you return before the 2 Minute cut-off time! As long as you contribute at least 10% towards the main Campaign, you will be rewarded generously with EXP and Silver!As history prepares to bear heroes into legends, it is time for you to choose how your story will be told, fight for valour and peace; fight for freedom from the usurpers that wish to claim the Qing DynastydldA's Throne!

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