The Mana World Portable v. Rev 3


The Mana World aims to be a place for people to interact by fighting, doing quests, teaming up and forming a community. Quests will lead to other quests, which will make the player explore new places, experience new things and meet new people. Ultimately, players are not alone in The Mana World, and will (have to) interact with other players, which is a lot more fun then interacting with a computer. The Mana World shall be be a place with its own unique history, politics, culture, countries, tribes, climate, etc. Features include: * 100% free, no monthly fees, ever. * A unique world with its own history, politics, culture, countries, tribes, climate, etc. * A online community that you can trade, battle and team up with. * Quests to test your skills and improve your character, both by gaining levels and be getting new equipment and items.

The Mana World aims to be a place for people ...

world, players, history, community, people, place, online, portable, mana

  • The Mana World Portable
  • Rev 3
  • Rare Ideas, LLC
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 22.68 Mb
  • 402

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