Divine Divinity Demo v.08-04-02


The game takes the player on a fantastic quest in a land torn apart by corruption and dark magic. Throughout his journeys the player gets the chance to develop his character as one of six character types, and meet a variety of people and fantastical beings.The game adds RPG features, and introduces a lot of new features, Divine Divinity appeals to both hard-core and new RPG players.NOTE: This is a download manager that will download the game files.Here are some key features of "Divine Divinity Demo":dlTE Four huge maps totalling over 20000 screens spanning everything from peaceful small villages to demon infested wastelands.dlTE 6 different player characters that change their appearances depending on what theyd-deOaore wearing.dlTE Up to 96 skills to be learnt, divided in three ways: The way of the warrior, the way of the survivor and the way of the wizard. Each way also contains a special move. Regardless of what way the player starts in, he can always learn skills from the other ways.dlTE A virtually unlimited amount of special equipment with which the player can boost his character. Additionally the player can charm items to make them even more special.dlTE Over 150 non-player characters to interact with in a dynamic environment. Over 100 types of monsters and creatures to fight with.dlTE Tons of objects that can be investigated, traded, used and combined.dlTE Large involving storyline containing plenty of sub-quests in which the player can further advance his character.dlTE Large soundtrack that adapts to the in-game circumstances.dlTE The player can pause the game at any time and issue commands while the game is paused.dlTE A multitude of different behaviours for different monsters and non-player characters.dlTE Monsters communicate with each other when they are in a group, employing different tactics to trick the player or their enemies.dlTE Day/Night cycle and weather effects.dlTE Two auto-maps. One mini-map which shows the player his direct surroundings, and one large overview map, useful for planning the playerd-deOaos journeys.dlTE A diary which contains things like a quest-log, information on creatures and non-player characters, information on monsters slain etcd-deTZ3d positional sound and real-time reverb.dlTE Easy and configurable user-interface.dlTE Quick-save / Quick-load optiondlTE Scalable graphics architecture which supports software,directdraw,direct3d and glide in resolutions up to 1024x768.dlTE Spoken dialogs.

The game takes the player on a fantastic quest ... Take on the role of a brave warrior and fight your way to glory.

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  • Divine Divinity Demo
  • 08-04-02
  • Larian Studios
  • WinXP, WinME, Win2000, Win98
  • Shareware
  • 358 Kb
  • 214

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