Adam's Happy Electronic Morabaraba v.0.7


Adam's Happy Electronic Morabaraba 0.7 is developed to be a free, graphical, cross-platform Morabaraba-playing program. Built on advanced technologies and years of experience developing Chess, Draughts and Abalone playing programs, AHEM is a very strong Morabaraba opponent, designed to test the best human and computer players. Unfortunately, it hasn't had much opportunity to do this yet, as there seem to be no other Morabaraba computer programs which fully-support the proper rules. Major Features:Ability to play against the computer at different levels of strength. The engine is believed to be competitive at a high standard of play, but has not as yet been tested against top players under tournament conditions.Set up test positions, take back moves and try different tacticsAn easy-to-use graphical use interface.Cross-platform supportEnhancements: Completely new GUIAbility to set up positionsAbility to take back movesBoard implemented as a reuseable controlNow easy to create different visual "themes"

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  • Adam's Happy Electronic Morabaraba
  • 0.7
  • Adam Oellermann
  • Any Platform
  • GPL
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