The Orb Carrier v.1.0


The Orbs... The precious orbs! In this game, you are The Orb Carrier, sent to the uncharted parts of your world, trying to locate this valuable item far too mentioned in this paragraph: The ORBS.The game begins when you grab the orbs and must return to your base. Use the beacons that point the way back and ride your Graviship!But you must be careful: some obstacles may damage your orbs, and they must be taken to your lab very quickly, or their energy will vanish!Design notes:Created for the Minimal Competition, the whole idea began when I decided I should make a one-button game. I remembered the slot car toys, where you just have the pedal, so I figured I should do something like that.Then, I decided to use gravitation, as it would change the whole gameplay, but would keep the same mechanics of a slot car intact - if you go to fast, you may go out of track.The orbs were added later to make sure the player had an extra care when maneuvering the ship!More features?Right now we have a very competitive game that's easy to learn! I plan on adding lots of other features, including:d-deD? Sound - I'm having a hard time trying to make the music work... But hey, I got minimal sound for the competition... get it? ;-)d-deD? Online highscores - definetly a must!.d-deD? More obstacles.d-deD? Pickable orbs along the way (a nice way to improve your score).d-deD? More levels.d-deD? Tweaking of the physics.How do you play it?Really, it's a one-button game! You hold the left mouse button to accelerate your ship, and it will follow the next beacon on the track. Once you ran into every beacon, the level is complete! Don't miss your orbs - you lose points if you do it!Final WordsI hope you like it! I know there's a lot of parts that miss some more love, but I wasn't able to work since the beggining of the competition, and I'll add more features later! Comment! Rate the game! Report any bugs! Tell me what you think, and what you think should be changed! That's why Gamejolt's here, right?

The Orbs... The precious orbs! In this game, ...

beacon, improve, levels, score

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