Super Mario Bros. INFINITY v.1.0 BETA


Super Mario Bros. Infinity is a remake of the Nintendo NES/SNES game, Super Mario. This remake features Infinite number of randomly generated levels - NEVER Play the same level again! And you play versus the WHOLE world - Online score list.The aim of SMB infinity is to clear as many levels as possible,to score more points and to be maximally accurate.There is no maximal number of levels.You play as long as you can, because the levels are randomlygenerated every time you play.Game is divided into worlds. Every world have 4 levels.And every world you fight against Bowser, which becomes stronger after every defeatThe gameplay is Similar to the original game, but not identical.You have health and you can use weapons that will help you even to destroy parts of the level.Features for future versions:* 4 different skins - SNES, NES, SMW, SPM* 2 sound packs - SNES and NES* More Mario voice effects* Saving generated levels for future analysis and offline play.* Compatibility with my future project, Super Mario Plus!* 3D graphics,* Rewrite the engine in C++ and port it for Linux, Mac and Wii.* BUT ONLY if people like this project!

Super Mario Bros. Infinity is a remake of the ... A remake of the Nintendo NES/SNES game, Super Mario.

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  • Super Mario Bros. INFINITY
  • 1.0 BETA
  • dcdeDev
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win98
  • Shareware
  • 25.18 Mb
  • 214

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