Star Cluster v.1.00


Game of classic turn-based science fiction conquest that pits two rival factions against each other for control of the Star Cluster. Krym’s Star – A colony built by corporations with the sole purpose of turning a profit. Pursues the control of all valuable resources, including the rare herb found in the Misgoo System. Black Sun – A colony built by great scientific minds for the purpose of expanding mankind’s knowledge. Desires the rights to the rare herb found in the Misgoo System for scientific and medical applications. Star Cluster offers a single player mode vs. AI and a thrilling two player struggle over the internet or LAN. Features: -Research over 185 technologies including laser rifles, plasma cannons, and super battleship hulls -Design infantry units, armor units, and starships using your latest technologies -Detailed ground combat system that brings training, experience, commander skill, unit type, weapon type, and planet type into consideration. -Units gain experience over time -Command thousands of infantry and armor units -Command massive fleets of starships -Train your infantry to fight on any of 10 different terrains including mountains, jungle, desert, and inferno. -Wage war over each of the 30 solar systems and 150 planets of the Star Cluster -Choose from 3 difficulty levels in the single player game. Flexible AI ensures that you never play the same game twice -Fully customizable message/summary system -Unique convoy and planet resource system -Assign Admirals and Generals to command fleets, planets, and ground units -Build and Upgrade industrial & training complexes, mines, farms, and research facilities. -Colonize planets to expand your territory -Microsoft DirectPlay multiplayer over the internet or LAN -Multiplayer chat messaging -Visual and Audible chat notification

Game of classic turn-based science fiction ...

  • Star Cluster
  • 1.00
  • 17 Aug 12
  • Truwitz, Inc.
  • Win98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Shareware
  • 5.06 Mb
  • 311
  • $14.95

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