Hinterland v.1.0


Loot, level and build with fast-paced RPG combat and strategic base building! Can you establish a vibrant settlement, lead your people to prosperity and Tame the wild Hinterland? Find out!In Tilted Milld-deOaos Hinterland, you lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a fantasy kingdom. Entice a diverse cast of followers to your settlement and then carefully select members to put down their ploughs and take up arms to join you in exploring and conquering the surrounding lands. There you may find much-needed resources to expand your village. But, beware! Many creatures of myth and folklore lurk in the shadows of Hinterlandd-deOCt some friendly, some not.d-deD? Party-based RPG Action d-deOCt A variety of characters, weapons and tactics are at your fingertips. Will you lead The Battle charge with a devastating two-handed strike, or lead from the rear with your trusty bow?d-deD? Town Building d-deOCt Choose who from a huge cast of characters will settle in your town then arm them for defense or give them tools for production.d-deD? Character Development d-deOCt Develop lowly farmers into great warriors and customize your character with a variety of specializations to enhance your adventures or improve life in your village.d-deD? Customizable Gameplay d-deOCt Expand peacefully in a world without raiders, become the marauding terror of all Hinterland, or Play it somewhere in Between d-deOCt you decide on the type of game you want to play.d-deD? Diverse Fantasy World d-deOCt Each game of Hinterland takes place in a new location with different resources, items and sets of enemies and challenges to encounter. You may discover orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin-infested mines or ruined cities filled with undead, among other surprises. You never know whatd-deOaos over the next hill in Hinterland!

Loot, level and build with fast-paced RPG ...

resources, characters, customizable, world, terror, tools, improve

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