QuickSVG 2005 v.1.2.5


QuickSVG 2005 1.2.5 makes is easy to convert Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM) to pure, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG is an XML-based graphics format that is supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).Quick.SVG has some very powerful features that can be applied during the conversion process. What makes Quick.SVG so powerful is it provides unlimited extendability by allowing the user to apply pre-built or custom XSLTs during the conversion process. Most CGM editors have proprietary information and functionality stored within the CGM. Quick.SVG exports this "extra" data into an extended namespace within the converted SVG. This "metadata" can be handled via XSLT during conversion to provide emulated functionality, such as hyperlinking, zooming and pagination. This feature makes it possible to handle virtually any CGM profile! Major Features:Conversion Accuracy: Converts each CGM element into the closest available SVG element. Some other vector converters convert vector data to a series of small, straight polylines that, when viewed normally, appear to be correct, however, zooming in reveals that the graphic is made up of bunch of straight lines, making the resultant graphic uneditable. With Quick.SVG's accurate element-to-element conversion, the exported SVG elements matches the source CGM's elements as closely as possible. This allows for full use of the SVG after the conversion for editing, creating symbols, providing valid searchability and allowing for database connectivity.Extensibility: Quick.SVG provides the ability to apply custom XSLTs to the converted SVG during batch processing. This provides unlimited customization and extensibility tp the converted SVGs. Even custom application data is exported to an extended namespace for handling via XSLT and javascript.Useful Tools: Quick.SVG comes with a handy Adobe SVG Viewer™ context menu editor that allows you to create a custom context menu to apply to all of your converted SVGs during single or batch processing. You can call to custom scripts, create custom viewports and provide standard viewing commands with this unique tool.Enhancements:Includes conversion engine improvements.

QuickSVG 2005 1.2.5 makes is easy to convert ...

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