Base64 Encoder/Decoder Object v.1.0


Centricorps Base 64 Encoder/Decoder is a very useful object. This DLL gives the user the ability to encrypt and decrypt strings by calling functions within a class in the DLL. Centricorp Software Solutions can also provide similar Base64 functionality within an application (EXE) to better suit your needs. If you would prefer to receive the functionality that this object provides as an application, simply make a note of it during the checkout process.

Centricorps Base 64 Encoder/Decoder is a very ...

  • Base64 Encoder/Decoder Object
  • 1.0
  • Centricorp LLC
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, NT
  • Shareware
  • 6 Kb
  • 200
  • $80.00

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