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Looking For Web Testing Tool- Check Out Web Service Cruiser
Brief Introduction
If it is web based testing and monitoring tool that you are looking for, then Web Service Cruiser software will be the ideal one for you  that will take care of your HTTP methods as well as web services without any glitch and very easily. In fact the software is so easily and simply designed that even a novice user will be able to master the software within a few minutes. With features of web testing and monitoring like managing and testing input files at a centralized location, taking care of all requested URL’s at a specified place, testing web services with a few mouse clicks, option for clients to test drive your web services and so on, Web Service Cruiser software is considered to be the leading web based monitoring and testing tool that is available today. You will only need to have a web browser in place in order to work on the Web Service cruiser software and as it is java based, it will work perfectly on most of the operating systems that are available these days.

Exciting Features Of Web Services Cruiser   
Web Service Cruiser software tool is well equipped to support all the different HTTP methods easily, be it post or delete or cut or options or trace or put. The software will allow you to set HTTP proxy for every individual request and you also have the option of setting proxy HTTP globally through the administration panel. The software is capable of supporting encryption with the HTTP’s and you also have the option of setting up HTTP request headers. Web Service Cruiser tool is competent enough to carry out multiple execution of the same results time and again either in tandem or in succession. This special feature will provide you with the option of carrying out the performance testing functions of web based services very easily and quickly as well. You will be able to get the time out controls for both the read timeout as well as connection time out on request. So, with this feature, Web Service Cruiser provides you with the opportunity of setting timeout for every individual request and also be able to set the time out globally through the administration panel.

The software provides you with the facility of choosing certain results of the operation upon request. If you feel that the response will be a huge one, then you will be able to choose the file as a result type that will make the response to be saved as a file so that the browser will not cease to function. A band of all-encompassing cyberspace management tools allow for a total ascendance of the Web Services Cruiser application program remotely. You are able to easily purview and modify the host parameters over the internet, including timeout settings, proxy settings, log plane, contact data, utmost amount of performances of the same quest, and so on. Besides, the software package feeds you the choice of bringing off request input files online, for POST and PUT methods. Some of the other features that you can avail from the web Service Cruiser software are: online viewing of server information, online viewing of log file, adding, deleting or modifying file items as well as managing requested URL’s over the internet.

Web Service Cruiser is a web examining tool which is configured to examine those text-in or text-out and parameters-in or text-out supported internet services and application programs, particularly XML and SOAP internet services. By employing Web Service Cruiser, you are able to not just examine the service or application program logical system, but besides trial run their functioning - you are able to present the identical quest multiple times. Consequently you will be able to try out the applications mean latent period, in addition to the demeanor below an elated number of simultaneous users. Web Service Cruisers self-explained, easy to use graphical user interface permits you to designate the manner you prefer to examine your application program or service by employing the computer mouse. Moreover, you will be able to carry through the input and end product to the localized files and load them back afterwards. As Web Service Cruiser is a web application, it just requires to be set up one time on a server, then anybody could access it to examine their online services/applications thru web browsers without setting up any software package on the desktop computers. Put differently, Web Service Cruiser is establishing one time on the host, Access From anyplace thru Browser kind of software. Hence, a project, still an entire company, requires to establish just one copy of Web Service Cruiser in a server for every person in the plan or company to exercise. That entails, by employing Web Service Cruiser, a company could economize money for acquiring only one license, spare time for establishing only once, and save sustainment toll for sustaining only at a station.

Web Service Cruiser software with its ability to support all types of HTTP methods, test and monitor REST web services, surety of secure exchange between the server and the computer or laptop and with the opportunity of any number of users using it  at any given point of time is an ideal tool for web service development.

If you are interested in monitoring web services during production and are looking out for a software that will have all your input files at one place for easy management, then Web Service Cruiser software will be the best tool to meet your web service requirements.

Publisher's Description

WebService Cruiser is a web testing tool which is designed to test those text-in/text-out or parameters-in/text-out based web services and applications, especially XML and SOAP web services/applications. By using WebService Cruiser, you can not only test the service or applications logic, but also test their performance - you can submit the same request multiple times Sequentially or Concurrently, therefore you can test the applications average response time, as well as the behavior under a high number of concurrent users. WebService Cruisers self-explained, easy to use GUI allows you to specify the way you want to test your application or service by using the mouse. Furthermore, you can save the input and output to the local files and load them back later. Since WebService Cruiser is a web application, it only needs to be installed once on a server, then anyone can access to it to test their web services/applications via browsers without installing any software on the desktop computers. In other words, WebService Cruiser is Install Once on the Server, Access From Anywhere via Browsers. Therefore, a project, even a whole company, needs to install only one copy of WebService Cruiser in a server for all the people in the project or company to use. That means, by using WebService Cruiser, a company can save money for buying only one license, save time for installing only once, and save maintenance cost for maintaining only at one place. WebService Cruiser is built by using Servlet, JSP, HTML and JavaScript, but no applet. Therefore, it can be run on any platforms which can run Java, including Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc. WebService Cruiser is a convenient testing tool for developers, testers, technical managers, etc.

WebService Cruiser is a web testing tool which ...

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