JDOC2CHM v.2.5


JDoc2CHM is a conversion tool which translates Javadoc documentation to Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file. It will be able to compile almost any standard generated Javadoc documentations, including the Java API Documentation. As a JAVA programmer for 3 years, I find that the Java help documentation is powerless. You can only read the JAVA documentation in Browser. It is hard to find a contain page or a keyword in the Browser, also it does NOT support any search... In contrast with Java help documentation, the Microsoft HTML Help is more powerfull. Microsoft HTML Help is the standard help system for the Windows platform. A table of contents and a very complete index are provided with each help file, and a built-in search engine provides a powerful way to find information in the document. Thats a great help for a developper. Authors can use HTML Help to create online help for a software application or to create content for a multimedia title or Web site. So it is good idea convert Java help documentations to Compiled HTML help. Jdoc2chm software can do you a favor. It is very to easy to use. You just need to select a directory, later the CHM file is generated. It is NOT depend on the HHC.EXE, so the compilation is very fast.

JDoc2CHM is a conversion tool which translates ...

  • 2.5
  • Hotwind Software
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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