RBSplitView v.1.1.4


A replacement for Cocoas NSSplitViewThere are some serious limitations with NSSplitView if you need to limit subviews sizes, expand or collapse subviews programmatically or by double-clicking, or resize the split view frequently. RBSplitView is a tool with special content views - RBSplitSubviews - that handle details of subview limitations and properties. So theres less or no work to be done by the delegate. RBSplitView also has built-in support for nesting any number of levels, and automatically generates a two-axis thumb to resize in two dimensions. The IB palette for RBSplitView is still a work in progress, as many details of writing palettes for container views arent properly documented... still, it mostly works. Be especially careful with Undo, Copy and Paste. Enhancements - Various small optimizations, bug and documentation fixes. - The Creative Commons license version was upgraded from 2.0 to 2.5. - The framework and library are now universal. - The project is now set up for optimum use with Xcode 2.4.1. Global build options are now in a .xcconfig file, and all options have been optimized and tweaked. Warnings are now more restrictive and several variable names have been changed to avoid hiding global declarations. Both debug and release versions are now prebuilt, to make it easier to include RBSplitView as a subproject within your project. - The sample app now shows the recommended way to restore divider settings, the logic to do so is now more robust. - The sample app now shows how to expand/collapse with animation when double-clicking a divider. - New -[RBSplitSubview canShrink] and -[RBSplitSubview canExpand] methods. - If you move a divider and several immediately adjacent subviews in that direction are collapsed or already at their minimum, these will now be pushed aside. - RBSplitViews should now behave correctly when inside an NSScrollView. Theres a new -[RBSplitView isInScrollView] method to check for that. - The IB palette now shows proper version information. - Everything now behaves correctly if the RBSplitView and any scrollbar inside it overlap the windows grow box. To make that possible, the -[RBSplitSubview changeDimensionBy:mayCollapse:] method (which was previously - and incorrectly - documented as having an extra setToMinimum: argument) now has an extra leads: argument. - Dragging a divider by an auxiliary drag view now works even if that view is inside a nested RBSplitView. - Dragging a metal window by the background now works correctly, or rather, it now doesnt drag if you mouse-down on an opaque subview.

A replacement for Cocoas NSSplitViewThere are ...

  • RBSplitView
  • 1.1.4
  • Rainer Brockerhoff
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • Freeware
  • 1024 Kb
  • 330
  • Free

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