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NumExp is a family of open-source applications for numeric computation. When it was created, the idea was to make a powerfull tool like Mathematica. Now, we know this is almost impossible without more open-source hackers. Meanwhile, we are trying to make, at least, an usefull tool! NumExp is based on a server with the NumExp core functionalities. This server comunicates with potencial clients using a simple Corba interface Whats New in This Release: A new parser has been done. We have new syntaxes with it: * f() and f(a) are recognized as functions. * Expressions can be separated by a semi-colon or a new line, so we can enter a=2,++a on a command line. * Matrices are now delimited by {}. * The star is now needed for a product. - New instruction: * "if" has also the structure if a>0 then [ print["coucou"] ] else [ print["hibou"] ] * while works also like this while toto<0 do [ ++toto ] * And we have the new function for for x in {1...4} do [ print[x] ] - New functions: * join, fill, polyToVector, vectorToPoly * gsl::integration::integQNG * gsl::integration::integQAG - Bugs fixed: too many !

NumExp is a family of open-source applications ...

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