Windows Azure Platform Training Kit v.January 2011 Up


The Azure Services Training Kit provides a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform including: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric. The December release includes new and updated labs in addition to information about Microsoft Codename “Dallas”.

Hands On Labs:
- Introduction to Windows Azure
- Exploring Windows Azure Storage
- Deploying and Monitoring Applications in Windows Azure
- Windows Azure: Worker Role Communication
- Federated Authentication in a Windows Azure Web Role Application
- Building ASP.NET Web Form Applications with Windows Azure
- Introduction to SQL Azure
- Migrating Databases to SQL Azure
- SQL Azure: Tips and Tricks
- Intro to Dallas
- Introduction to the .NET Service Bus
- Introduction to the .NET Access Control Service
- Service Remoting with Service Bus
- Eventing with the Service Bus

- Presentations and Videos:
- Windows Azure Platform Overview (C9 - VIDEO)
- What is Windows Azure? (C9 - VIDEO)
- Windows Azure Storage Overview (C9 - VIDEO)
- Deploying Applications on Windows Azure (C9 - VIDEO)
- Windows Azure Compute (C9 - VIDEO)
- Introduction to Windows Azure (PPTX)
- Building Services with Windows Azure (PPTX)
- What is SQL Azure? (C9 - VIDEO)
- Introduction to SQL Azure (PPTX)
- Building Applications using SQL Azure (PPTX)
- Scaling out with SQL Azure
- What is Microsoft Codename 'Dallas'? (C9 - VIDEO)
- Introduction to Microsoft Codename 'Dallas' (PPTX)
- What is the Access Control Service (C9 - VIDEO)
- Introduction to the Service Bus (C9 - VIDEO)

- Deploying Windows Azure Services
- Hello Windows Azure
- Windows Azure Guestbook Demo
- Windows Azure Logging and Configuration Demo
- Windows Azure using Blobs Demo
- Windows Azure Worker Role Demo
- Windows Azure Using Queues Demo
- Windows Azure Using Tables Demo
- Preparing your SQL Azure Account
- Connecting to SQL Azure
- Managing Logins and Security in SQL Azure
- Creating Objects in SQL Azure
- Migrating a Database Schema to SQL Azure
- Moving Data Into and Out Of SQL Azure using SSIS
- Building a Simple SQL Azure App
- Scaling Out SQL Azure with Database Sharding
- AppFabric Service Bus Direct Connection Demo
- AppFabric Service Bus webHttpRelayBinding
- AppFabric Service Bus Publish and Subscribe
- AppFabric Service Bus Service Registry
- AppFabric Service Bus NetOneWayRelayBinding

Samples and Tools:
- Windows Azure MMC
- Windows Azure Service Management CmdLets
- PhluffyFotos for Windows2008, 7

The Azure Services Training Kit provides a ...

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  • Windows Azure Platform Training Kit
  • January 2011 Up
  • 08 Aug 12
  • Microsoft
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