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Uttu is a web interface driver that works with a framework and function sets to build an application. Support is provided for building the infrastructure for a site -- no demands are made for doing sessions in a particular way, or authenticating against a particular database. The actual specifics are defined by the framework. This allows you to create your own flavor of Uttu, if you desire, without having to muck around in the Uttu module. Think of LPC and LPMuds with their driver and mudlib.Uttu itself sets up a particular environment in which a content handler such as HTML::Mason handles requests. Thus, the full capabilities of the content handler are available. In addition, the global $u variable is available at all times (in Mason - methods of access may vary with the content handler environment). This is a Uttu object that contains the current configuration as well as notes for the current request.The content handler as well as other aspects of the request handling are configured with a configuration file specified by the UttuConf Apache configuration directive. The framework and function sets may all define variables for the configuration file.

Uttu is a web interface driver that works with ...

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