TclDev Kit v.5.0.1


TclDev Kit 5.0.1 is considered as a simple yet effective tool for Tcl programmers, making it easy to create, build and deploy applications. Rapidly deploy Tcl applications to a broad range of platforms, as ready-to-run executables, starkits or starpacks. Simplify development with tools for finding and fixing bugs, managing complex code bases, and optimizing your programs. Take control and work the way you want with a choice of GUIs or command line interfaces for most tools.Major Benefits:DeployDeliver your Tcl programs as executables, starkits or starpacks.Tamper-proof your applications, and protect your code from prying eyes.Run and manage your Tcl code as Windows services.Create, manage, export and use TEApot package repositories.FixKill bugs fast with the cross-platform graphical debugger.Quickly find errors before running your scripts.Uncover tricky problems by inspecting Tcl programs while they run.ImproveImprove code performance and reliability through coverage and hotspot analysis.Understand complex code at a glance with a visual guide to component relationships.Major Features:TclApp: Easily create and deploy self-contained Tcl executables to all major platforms.Deliver small, seamless executables with sophisticated extension wrapping and dynamically linked Tcl and Tk libraries.Run from the command line, or choose intuitive GUIs for visual guides to build options.Ensure that code is always executed by a specific version of Tcl.Deploy to systems with or without Tcl and extensions installed.Graphical Debugger: Quickly find and fix bugs in Tcl scriptsEvaluate single Tcl commands, or run to the current cursor position in the code.Display variable values for all accessible stack frames.Display full stack information and navigation around the stack and source code when the application is stopped.Set line- and variable-based breakpoints. Set line- and variable-based breakpoints.Enter code to be evaluated dynamically when the application is stopped.Interrupt code to determine execution status.Communicate with remote and embedded applications.Debug multiple processes simultaneously.Coverage and Hotspot Analyzer: Improve code performance and reliability through coverage and hotspot analysis.Determine which code has not been run and which files lack coverage.Identify bottleneck code to address performance issues.Analyze file by file and function by function.Compiler: Protect your source code and reduce application support.Compile scripts independently of execution, then store for loading and executing when you need them.Distribute bytecode files instead of source code to protect your intellectual property.Simplify support by distributing code that cannot be modified by users.Use with TclApp to create bundled applications that don't require special installation.Cross Reference Tool (XRef): Simplify building, debugging and maintaining Tcl code.Understand complex code at a glance with a visual guide to where code is defined, declared, used and located.Easily view relationships among Tcl code components, including packages, files, namespaces, commands and variables.Extract Tcl component information from programs and packages contained in TclApp (or Prowrap) projects, Tcl Dev Kit Package definitions (".tap" files) and Komodo IDE project files.TclChecker: Find errors in Tcl scripts before they are run.Uncover problems in new scripts, scripts from older versions of Tcl/Tk, or scripts ported from another operating system.Assess the quality of a body of Tcl code.Quickly examine large Tcl files.Find potential incompatibilities to guide upgrades to current Tcl, Tk and [incr Tcl] releases.Inspector: Analyze Tcl and Tk applications as they run.Organize and display application components by component typeDisplay and modify component configuration on-the-fly.Package Editor: Define Tcl packages in TEApot or TclApp Package formats.Simplify TclApp application creation.Modify packages for re-use by multiple TclApp applications.TEA Package Management: Create, manage, export and use TEApot package repositories.TEAcup: Package management client for fetching, installing, updating and removing Tcl packages (part of ActiveTcl). TEAcup can also provide meta data on installed and available packages and can be used to search multiple repositories using complex queries.TEApot: Expose TEA repositories on a network via TCP/IP.TEApot-Admin: Manage "opaque" repositories on the local file system. Create new repositories, add and remove packages, list the repository contents and retrieve packages.TEApot-Pkg: Create TEA package archives from package sources and binaries.TclSvc: Convert Tcl programs to native Windows

TclDev Kit 5.0.1 is considered as a simple yet ...

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  • TclDev Kit
  • 5.0.1
  • ActiveState
  • Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Window
  • Trial
  • 36.9 Mb
  • 239
  • $295.00

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