Smile for Mac OS v.3.4.1


A working environment which offers both a set of production technologies and a natural fashion of having them work together so that you produce faster and better, you automate frequent tasks and you control complex operations. The technologies available to Smile’s users include:

- an AppleScript editor with many scripting helpers, and unique AppleScript Terminal windows,
- an editor of scripted interfaces,
- a text editor for ASCII and Unicode, with a search-and-replace tool supporting Regular Expressions,
- a XML editor,
- a Regular Expression engine,
- a XML and p-list engine,
- a 2D graphic engine, where you program vectorial PDF graphics by script,
- commands for driving industrial interfaces: RS232 serial communication, digital I/O, LED display.

Smile ships with an impressive set of additional tools of various kinds, for instance a backup utility. Smile is totally scriptable, attachable (each object can own a script), and tailored (with scripts you can customize the interface to any extent.)
- Smile uses a new text engine. The text windows (AppleScript terminals, script windows and Unicode windows) should be much more efficient when handling large amount of text.
- The F5 key or alt-tab in a text window now opens an autocompletion popup menu.
- Syntax coloring is enabled in Unicode windows corresponding to .html, .js, .plist, .sdef, .xml and .xsl files.

A working environment which offers both a set ...


  • Smile for Mac OS
  • 3.4.1
  • 14 Jun 12
  • Satimage
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Freeware
  • 21 Mb
  • 254
  • Free

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