Sleep Dummy Shell for liunx v.0.0.2


This is a simple do-nothing, sleep-forever program that can be used as a login shell (in Linux or Unix) to keep the connection open but without interactive shell. We use it to create SSH accounts for users who will only use them for SSH-tunneling, to create an encrypted tunnel to our servers (for example to connect securely to database servers like mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc). Most restricted shells still allow execution of local commands from the SSH account. Setting the account shell to something like /bin/false (or any other simple programs) usually wont work because the tunnel is closed as soon as the program finish its execution. Sleep Dummy Shell just sleeps until its execution is terminated by the user or the tunnel is closed. The Sleep Dummy Shell is the perfect solution for extranet, intranet and public hosting providers who wish to provide their customers with SSH accounts for encripted tunneling, without worrying about extra security. Compiled, no scripting runtime needed. For Linux and other Unix. Minimal memory and CPU time usage. Simple to install. Open source. Released under the GPL license.

This is a simple do-nothing, sleep-forever ...

  • Sleep Dummy Shell for liunx
  • 0.0.2
  • Unix, Linux
  • Freeware
  • 13 Kb
  • 176
  • Free

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