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SiteManager Portal System provides users with a web based content management and membership services with simple, online administration tools. This system combines all of the base SiteManager features including input validation, flexable template design and reuseable code into a series of extendable, reusable, configurable packages. The SiteManager Portal System offers both content developers and web site administrators a quick and easy system which allows them to spend time building the content of their web sites, not building the delivery system. Major Features: Themes:Offers multiple customizable HTML layouts sharing common colors, styles and images. Including designated areas for the embedding of content and custom tags interpreted at run time.Membership:Fully customizable login/logout and member creation system with online administration, that allows a custom hierarchy of roles and privileges with grant options.Content Management:Allows category based storage of HTML, images, documents and files. With web based upload and privilege control. Integrated search and cache systems, reports, and HTML page layout features.MessageBoards/Forum:Renders threaded Bulletin Board style news postings with safe HTML limitations and customizable display templates.Calendar/Date Events:Implements Daily, Weekly, and Monthly views, calculated re-occurring events, and additional free form fields and categories.Additional Features: Membership Subscription:Manages pay-per-view access to site resources online with an unlimited number of subscription types, payment plans, and free trials.Magazine:Integrates publication of searchable content on a weekly rotation with fully customizable templates, unlimited content types, and a fully integrated banner ad rotation system. Allows access for multiple contributors with fully adjustable access requirements, view tracking and many other display features.Courses/School:Provides tools for teachers and students including daily schedules for classes based on class schedules, full course signup, homework, testing, discussion forums, and chat rooms.Contractor/Job Scheduling:Offers time/date event listings, re-occurring events, and requests with email confirmation and alerts. Job time blocking for multiple contractors and the ability to export data into common PDA formats.

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