REALbasic / REAL Studio v.2009r2


The best development tool for creating cross-platform applications.Feel the PowerREALbasic / REAL Studio's compiler produces native executables, and it's a cross-compiler as well, which means you can build from any platform for any platform. Imagine building a native Mac application while running REALbasic or REAL Studio on Windows! You don't have to know anything about the operating system because the language abstracts you from the messy details. Should you need to get your hands dirty, you can use the Declare command. And you get a completely native user interface on each platform. REALbasic / REAL Studio uses the real operating system controls rather than try to simulate them as some other lesser tools have done.REALbasic / REAL Studio is a rapid application development environment that compiles high-quality, native applications for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It's a great development tool period, whether you need to build cross-platform applications or simply need a development tool for creating software for a single platform.21st Century BASIC :Yes, it's BASIC. But it's not the interpreted, procedural, line numbered, spaghetti-code-producing BASIC from the old days. This is a robust, modern, fully object-oriented from the ground up BASIC that compiles to native X86 and PowerPC machine code. REALbasic supports inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, delegates, introspection, the works. And if all of that made your eyes glaze over, don't worry. The great thing about REALbasic / REAL Studio is you can do a lot without having to know any of this, but it will be there when you need it.Develop and Deploy Faster than Ever BeforeHaving to bolt together a bunch of disparate technologies just to get a cross-platform solution is slow, tedious and fraught with peril at every turn. REALbasic integrates interface building, code writing and compiling along with a cross-platform framework into one cohesive package. At four times the speed of other cross-platform solutions, you will work so fast you'll wish you discovered REALbasic or REAL Studio sooner.Updates At Least Every 90 Days :We know that you're depending on us so we update REALbasic and REAL Studio at least every 90 days (sometimes sooner if necessary). Nobody else works that fast. We can do this because REALbasic is our development tool! That's right - we build REALbasic in REALbasic! We get the same advantages you get. In fact, each release is built with that release! Wrap your mind around that one. Your license comes with an update plan that includes all the updates we release for the next six months. These updates include new features as well as bug fixes. After six months, you can keep using the releases you have or renew your update plan for twelve months or more.Personal, Professional or REAL Studio?REALbasic comes in three editions: Personal, Professional and REAL Studio. If you're writing software for yourself or need a development tool to create single platform applications, the Personal Edition will probably do the trick. Personal Edition is also great if you are a hobbyist or student.If you're writing software for others, need a cross-platform development tool or are a part time developer, chances are you will need the Professional Edition.If you are a full time developer, an IT Developer or someone who is making a commercial application, REAL Studio was made for you!The comparison chart will help you choose the edition that will work best for you. And you can always start with the Personal Edition and upgrade to the Professional Edition or REAL Studio later on without any penalty.It's a Guarantee :We stand behind our products. We are so certain you will just love REALbasic / REAL Studio that we give you 90 days to be sure. If at any time within the first 90 days you decide it isn't right for you, simply return it with no questions asked. OK, we might ask you why you're returning it so we can make it better in the future. So, that's one question asked.

The best development tool for creating ...

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  • REALbasic / REAL Studio
  • 2009r2
  • REAL Software, Inc.
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista
  • Shareware
  • 126.52 Mb
  • 351

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