PackageCleaner DE v.1.0.1433


PackageCleaner helps you identify and eliminate items known to cause repetitive attempts to repair/reinstall, failed uninstalls, failed installations and other deployment issues. PackageCleaner does not just tell you what not to include, but provides answers to questions about each: What is it? Why should I not include it? What will happen if I do include it? Under what circumstances may it be necessary to include it? PackageCleaner utilizes an exclusive database of over 4500 file and registry entries providing you with quick expert advice on your specific package. Should you decide to remove an item, simply select it and press the "apply" button. Decide you want it back? Just deselect the item and press the "apply" button again. It could not be easier. Most Windows Installer deployment issues surface as a result of including: files that do not belong, Windows Protected Files, user-specific files or registry entries, legacy uninstall information or as a result of accidentally repackaging a MSI or MSP file. PackageCleaner provides expert advice on your specific package to help you avoid all of these issues. It even detects hundreds of Spyware components!

PackageCleaner helps you identify and ...

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  • PackageCleaner DE
  • 1.0.1433
  • iTripoli, Inc.
  • Windows XP, 2000
  • Demo
  • 33.05 Mb
  • 113
  • $249.00

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