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Oxygen Code Generator is an Architected RAD Tool that enables softwave builders to connectrate on unique, domain-specific problemsFeaturesSome of the key features of OCG are: The most transparent generated code framework for .NET d-deOCt even high value, infrastructure pieces are delivered as .NET code. POCO framework without mandatory inheritance. The CLR doesnd-deOaot support multiple inheritance, we reserved the single inheritance slot for you d-deOCt which can be very useful if you wish to plug-in to other frameworks like windows workflow. Database independent Data Access Layer with the same codebase for all RDBMS. Extended lightweight transaction support. Tracks and manages connections that are associated with a transaction d-deOCt this helps keep more transaction as lightweight transactions. Read more ... Supports Query Notification. Read more ... Service Layer generation: WCF Service or ASP.NET Xml Web Service Service Interface style option: Messaging Pattern or API Optional Business Context for the Business Layer Optional Service Context for the Service Layer Users can configure their own data filter conditions without writing any code or store procedures It includes the ability to map tables to class names and columns to field names Tables can be designated as Reference Types. Used on static reference tables, this designation will trigger the generation of additional code that makes Reference Types much easier to work with Tables can be designated as d-de?Cacheabled-deOao. This produces business layer caching code that includes the ability to auto expire the cache when the data in the table changes. Data source paging. Code is generated to fully support data source paging in the stored procedures, Data Access, and Business Layers. Data Source Paging is a must if you have tables that can potentially grow to tens of thousands or millions of records. Join Table Resolution. If you have a join table between two primary tables, the code generated for the primary tables will include resolution of the join table. In other words, in a three table system: d-de?Customerd-deOao, d-de?CustomerServiced-deOao and d-de?Serviced-deOao, the generated Customer class will include methods that will have direct access to the services owned by the customer. Objects, classes and Generic Collections NOT Datasets, Tables, and rows d-deOCt this is crucial in a Services based world. Generated comments automatically included. The auto generated comments lets the consumer of the code (the developer consuming the generated code), know about the characteristics of the generated code elements. For example, if a field is required, updateable etc. The generation of the complete data manipulation stack: Stored Procedures (or Virtual Stored Procedures), Data Entity Classes, Data Access Provider, Caching, and Business Domain Model Classes are generated. Derived Entity (Class Table Inheritance): For new schema designs, this feature helps you avoid duplicating columns across multiple tables. The code generated using the Inheritance feature updates and inserts across the table hierarchy. See pattern Substitute tables or columns with table-valued or scalar functions using our d-de?Instead Ofd-deOao feature. Specify absolute values or functions as constraints for Select, Update and Delete operations using the CRUD Constraints Processing Instructions. Select which individual columns or tables can be inserted into, updated or deleted (Persistent Storage processing instruction). Use the predefined schemas in the database to group your entities or specify your own using the Virtual Schemas feature. OCG allows Views to mimic tables using the Virtualization Settings Processing instructions Enrich the generated metadata with your own classes, methods and properties using the Custom Registration Feature The generated code takes into account the relationships between table

Oxygen Code Generator is an Architected RAD ...

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