Open Source Media Framework v.8.0


Open Source Media Framework 8.0 is very useful tool which enables developers to easily assemble pluggable components to create high-quality, full-featured playback experiences. The open aspect of the framework enables collaborative development focused on web video monetization, with lower costs and faster turnaround. This project is intended to facilitate the development and sharing of open standards and best practices for video player applications built on the Adobe Flash Platform. Media players today are a nexus of complexity for so many technologies, services, and providers that the project can best tackle these integration challenges through an open source approach. This site serves as a resource for the industry, encouraging the use of standards and best practices and offering the open source library. This site is focused on the development of the Open Source Media Framework, which can be leveraged in ActionScript 3 or MXML. For more information about building video applications in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional or Adobe Flash Builder, you may wish to visit the Video Technology Center on the Adobe Developer Connection.Major Features: Framework Foundationrecent package name: org.osmf (replaces org.openvideoplayer)MediaElement and Traits abstractionsMetadata infrastructure (1,2)Media Loader (1,2) and URL ParserError Handling for developersLogging FrameworkBuffer ManagementPlug-in support (1,2,3,4,5) with dynamic (remote URL) and static (compiled in) loadingnew: Merging content metadata in compositionsVideo DeliveryRTMP Streaming via Flash Media ServerDynamic Streaming (multi-bitrate) via Flash Media Server 3.5HTTP Progressive DownloadVOD and LiveContent Protection via Flash Access 2.0 phase 1new: Data Transfer trait to show download progress in compositionsnew: Subclips to incorporate RTMP stream sub-segments in compositionsnew: Preassigned durations (1,2) to specify content length before loadingnew: Loader for F4M (Flash Media Manifest) files, which specify MBR, DRM, and other metadataRich ExperiencesMediaElement implementations: video, image, audio, SWFComposition API: serial and parallel hierarchies and nested structures, trait and metadata aggregationMediaPlayer wrapper for playback of media including compositionsUI wrappers (1,2)Layout APIs for media regions inside the player and in external HTML (via ExternalInterface)Metadata-driven experiences and dynamic playlists (enables ads and recommendations)recent: Cue Points (embedded and external)Plug-ins (ads, tracking, playlists, CDNs)Akamai CDN connection plug-inGlanceGuide/Nielsen sample app showing tracking plug-in integrationVAST & MAST advertising plug-in librariesnew: Captioning plug-in

Open Source Media Framework 8.0 is very useful ...

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