OXygen XML Diff for Linux v.4.0


A complete diff and merge solution is now also available as a separate product. It offers both directory and file comparison, six different diff algorithms and multiple levels of comparison. In large teams composed either of developers or technical writers, the usage of a shared repository for the source or document files is a must. Often many authors are changing the same file at the same time.

Finding what has been modified in your files and folders can be hard. If your data is changing, you can benefit from accurate identification and processing of changes in your files and folders with XML Diff 's features for comparing files and comparing directories. These are powerful and easy to use tools that will do the job fast and thoroughly. With the new possibilities of differencing and merging, it is now easy to manage multiple changes.

The comparison of a pair of files is done by opening them in two editors arranged in a side by side layout. You can edit both the source and the target file. The differences are refreshed when you save the modified documents. The comparison and merging can be performed also on files inside ZIP-based archives.

The differences are presented in a graphical format, the scrolling of the two documents is synchronized so the matches are kept close one another. Guiding areas are painted between the two files to allow to easily locate visually the corresponding differences. An overview ruler helps tracking the changes.
The diff solution includes two XML diff algorithms (XML Accurate - tuned for precise compare and XML Fast - tuned for speed at the expense of some accuracy), one Syntax Aware algorithm that gives very good results on all file types known by XML Diff and three algorithms that rely on the file structure: line based, word based and character based. Any algorithm can be used to perform differences on request, but XML Diff offers also an automatic selection, selecting the most appropriate one based on the files' content and size.
The XML diff algorithms are designed to help with the necessities that come with XML document comparison. This means that you can specify if namespaces, prefixes, namespace declarations, processing instructions, comments, CDATA, DOCTYPE, the order of attributes or even text elements should be ignored or not. All the diff operations do not block the user interface, they present progress information and allow the user to cancel them at any time.
The multiple levels diff support allows you to go into a found difference and see further what is actually modified there. The second level diff has the full merging support that is found also in the first level diff.

A complete diff and merge solution is now also ...

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  • OXygen XML Diff for Linux
  • 4.0
  • 10 Jul 12
  • SyncRO Soft Ltd.
  • Linux
  • Shareware
  • 40 Mb
  • 438
  • $59.00

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