Net::Wire10 v.1.08


Net::Wire10 is a Pure Perl connector that talks to Sphinx, MySQL and Drizzle servers.Net::Wire10 implements the low-level network protocol, alias the MySQL wire protocol version 10, necessary for talking to one of the aforementioned servers without using an external client library such as for example libmysqlclient or libdrizzle.SYNOPSIS use Net::Wire10; my $wire = Net::Wire10->new( host => 'localhost', user => 'test', password => 'test', database => 'test' ); $wire->connect; # CREATE TABLE example $wire->query( "CREATE TABLE foo (id INT, message TEXT)" ); # INSERT example $wire->query( "INSERT INTO foo (id, message) VALUES (1, 'Hello World')" ); printf "Affected rows: %dn", $wire->get_no_of_affected_rows; # SELECT example my $results = $wire->query("SELECT * FROM foo"); while (my $row = $results->next_hash) { printf "Id: %s, Message: %sn", $row->{id}, $row->{message} ; } $wire->disconnect;

Net::Wire10 is a Pure Perl connector that ... Pure Perl driver for MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle ...

  • Net::Wire10
  • 1.08
  • Dubex A/S
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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  • Free

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